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That’s what puppies look like on the inside

After more than 12 years of heavy business travel, I thought I’d seen it all. As I was waiting at the security checkpoint at Dulles yesterday, I saw a woman almost put a carrier with three puppies through the X-ray. … Continue reading

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Virgin America takes to the skies; Chron doesn’t

Wednesday marked the inaugural flights of Virgin America, a new low-cost airline based in San Francisco. Virgin America is currently flying from San Francisco to Los Angeles and New York. This fall it will add flights to Las Vegas and … Continue reading

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Can an airline really be this inept?

Every couple of months, U.S. Airways sends out an email describing the progress on their computer systems. As with most large-scale systems projects, they’re behind. The self-effacing emails try to reassure customers that the airline really cares. Here’s an excerpt … Continue reading

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Rocky’s fun-filled day at the airport

Yesterday was my travel day from hell. I arrived at National Airport around 11 to catch a noon flight to Philadelphia. Because of a ground stop at Philadelphia they pushed back the flight to 12:45. We boarded the bus toward … Continue reading

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Virgin America set for takeoff

Virgin America, a new low-cost carrier based in San Francisco, is set for an Aug. 8 takeoff. The carrier has faced some turbulent skies due in part to its partial ownership by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. Initial routes are San … Continue reading

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Smarts coming to the USA

The Smart is coming to the United States. Smart, part of Mercedes, is a tiny car that you’ll often see in Europe. The car holds two people and two bags. I rented two of these in Italy in 2002. When … Continue reading

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Google Maps on jetBlue

I recently had the chance to see the Google Maps on jetBlue that I wrote about earlier. The maps are pretty simple; no satellite views or other cool Google features. They rotate among zoom levels. (My photostream has other examples.) … Continue reading

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Maps on maps on Yahoo! Travel

One of the things on my map wishlist (and the to blog about list) for a long time has been finding maps on the map. Say what? There are many venues that are gigantic. Think the Smithsonian’s Udvar-Hazy Center, Giants … Continue reading

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Google Maps takes to the skies with JetBlue

JetBlue is now using Google Maps to show you where you are when flying across the country. Just hope you don’t find yourself staring at JFK on the Google Maps screen while stranded on the tarmac. It’s a unique brand … Continue reading

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Grab and go, on the honor system

I’ve spent a lot of time in airports lately. With the lack of food on planes, I’m often looking to grab a sandwich or a soda. Inevitably, I end up behind 8 people who want their triple decaf mocha ventis … Continue reading

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