Media requests

I’m available to comment on many technology topics related to mobile, local, payments and search. I’m happy to do email, phone, Skype or satellite interviews.

My analysis spans:

  • Consumer impact
  • Competitor impact
  • Financial analysis and public market impact
  • Public policy implications

Specific companies I focus on are eBay, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal and Amazon. I can also speak to most consumer-focused startups and the “sharing” economy.

I’m also happy to connect you to other sources for topics that I can’t address.

To reach me by email, send your request to media @ the domain of this blog. (Minus the blog part.) You can also reach me at @rakeshlobster on Twitter or the same on Skype.

If you’re on a tight deadline, please call my cell. You can find the number at the bottom of most of my emails.


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