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Google offers fresh perspectives on travel photography

Google’s Panoramio has launched one of the most exciting advances in online pictures since flickr added geotagging. A new “Look around” feature shows you when pictures are available from other angles. In the screenshot below, you can see the dome … Continue reading

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Occasional reader – Airport security, future of journalism, working with Yahoo!

Some interesting reads from the past couple of weeks: The Airport Security Follies (New York Times blog) – Pilot Patrick Smith takes a look at the idiocy of our airport screening processes. Smith argues (and I fully agree) that airport … Continue reading

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Ho`omaika`i Honolulu Advertiser

The Honolulu Advertiser has done an absolutely terrific job with its saturation coverage of the abrupt shutdown of Aloha Airlines. The coverage is exactly what local papers should be doing on big local stories. In addition to in-depth news stories, … Continue reading

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Occasional reader – Hulu, Tellme, slum tourism, layoffs

Some interesting reads from the past couple of weeks: Hulu: Great Product, Still Screwed (Silicon Alley Insider) – The much-hyped video site from NBC and News Corp. is now out of beta. Hulu offers free access to full episodes from … Continue reading

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Fly me to the trough

“The Spirit of Pigcinnati,” Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, Kentucky. Creative Commons image by flickr user richmanwisco. USA Today reports that the government is wasting $110 million each year flying empty planes, another great example of Congressional pork. The “Essential” Air … Continue reading

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Deep dish pizza near O’Hare – result found

Since I wrote earlier about the difficulties I had using search engines to find deep dish pizza, this blog has become the number one Google result for the query “deep dish pizza at O’Hare.” In the interest of serving my … Continue reading

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Rocky’s travel secrets for your flights home

I’ve spent much of this year in airports and on airplanes. (Including 11 hours at O’Hare on Sunday for a fruitless trip.) Over the years, I’ve developed strategies for coping with the hassles of air travel. I hope you don’t … Continue reading

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When you’re not important … and you know it

I’ve been waiting at O’Hare now for five hours now. I still have at least three hours to go, assuming United doesn’t cancel my flight. My scheduled 5:45 p.m. flight is showing an estimated departure time of 10:33 p.m. It’s … Continue reading

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Bad user interface design at Dulles

If the city you’re going to begins with P-Z, move the giant stocking out of the way.

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Flickr places provides a wide-angle view of the world

My friends who’ve seen me walk around with a GPS as I take pictures on vacation or hikes think I’m a little bit odd. But apparently, I’m not the only one. In the 15 months since Flickr officially supported geotagging, … Continue reading

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