Deep dish pizza near O’Hare – result found

Since I wrote earlier about the difficulties I had using search engines to find deep dish pizza, this blog has become the number one Google result for the query “deep dish pizza at O’Hare.” In the interest of serving my valued readers, I conducted some on-the-ground research.

Although you can’t find the cheesy goodness at O’Hare, you can find it nearby at Gino’s East on Higgins. The adventurous can take the El for $4 roundtrip. (That’s what I did.) The less adventurous can take a cab. The sneaky can try boarding the shuttle bus to the Marriott O’Hare next door.

Deep dish goodness

You should have 3 1/2 hours between flights if you want to do this by El. My gate-to-gate time, with minimal security lines, was just under 3 hours. You can cut that time by calling your order in and taking a cab. Here’s a photo of the menu. More pictures and a map are on flickr.

Directions by El:

  • Follow the signs at the airport for “Trains to the City”
  • Arrive at the El station under the airport
  • Pay $4 for a fare card
  • Take the El two stops to Cumberland
  • Cross over the Damn Ryan toward the Marriott
  • As you’re crossing the bridge, notice the Bearing Point building on the left; that’s where you’re headed
  • Walk through the Marriott parking lot to Gino’s East
  • Order beer and a pizza

Note that the Theatrical Security Agency has started extra screening of food and pie-like substances. Fortunately, they didn’t confiscate my leftovers. But that may depend on how hungry they are.


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  2. J.T. says:

    You know… 3 1/2 hours isn’t bad. I always book with ~ 1 hour or so between, but since it’s not possible to have an on-time departure from O’Hare it really shouldn’t be a problem.

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