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Yahoo! markets oneSearch in TV ads

Caught this commercial for Yahoo!’s oneSearch today. The ad features hikers who stumble across flora including the ficticious “crimson maneater”. It’s mildly amusing, but fails to sell mobile search. The query term used is “flowers in oregon”. They should put … Continue reading

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Living in a fragmented media world

Jason Fry has a thoughtful piece on the fragmentation of media in the WSJ: A Reality Check for Newspapers (subscription required). He talks about fragmentation of television, music and newspapers. Some excerpts from the discussion on newspapers: Articles are emailed … Continue reading

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The perfect camera?

One of the examples I frequently use when talking about search engine results and personalization is the query “digital camera”. There is no “right” answer for this query. The right answer depends as much on the needs of the person … Continue reading

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The power of bloggers

Two great stories this week that illustrate how the influence of bloggers equals and sometimes eclipses mainstream media: TechCrunch reports on an erroneous Engadget story that shaved $4 billion off the value of Apple. The story, based on a fake … Continue reading

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What to do next?

As some of you figured out from my post the other day, I am no longer at AOL Search. I’ve spent the week thinking about what to do next. I’ve heard from many friends and colleagues about various opportunities, but … Continue reading

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Playing with my new camera

Two of the biggest problems with digital cameras are shutter lag (the time between when you press the button and the picture is taken) and shutter interval (the time between pictures). My new camera, the Lumix DMC-TZ3 clearly doesn’t suffer … Continue reading

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Grab and go, on the honor system

I’ve spent a lot of time in airports lately. With the lack of food on planes, I’m often looking to grab a sandwich or a soda. Inevitably, I end up behind 8 people who want their triple decaf mocha ventis … Continue reading

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A successful DC Tech meetup

Congratulations to Frank Gruber on tonight’s successful launch of Tech Cocktail in DC. It was a full house with much of DC’s tech community. I hope to see more of it soon!

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Stats on the portable navigation market

The Wall Street Journal has some good stats on the portable navigation market. The story also offers a good overview of the features that are available in GPS units. The U.S. market for such gadgets continues to expand: Sales of … Continue reading

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Google knows people misspell my name

I’ve been seeing more people search on my name to get to this blog this week. (Wonder why?) This search was interesting: Notice that the searcher misspelled my last name, transposing the “a” and the “r”. I don’t have “Agarwal” … Continue reading

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