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Yahoo’s new, improved maps

I was geotagging some pictures on Flickr and noticed that Yahoo! Maps has dramatically improved. Things that jumped out at me: Improved legibility. High contrast and easy to read. Subway/mass transit stations. They are the small blue circles you see … Continue reading

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Thanks, everyone

Thank you to all my friends for the kind wishes. A special thank you to Jason, Wanita, Tricia and Dave.

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The troubles with online newspapers

Mike Markson of Topix has a Top 10 list of the troubles facing their online counterparts. I’ve written about a few of these in the past: disintermediation by syndicators and advertisers. I agree with most of Mike’s points, especially the … Continue reading

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Twitter without the SMS bill hangover

Twitter has released a mobile version of its Web site at Instead of sending and receiving SMS messages each time you or a friend posts a status update, you can just do it on the Twitter mobile site. Any … Continue reading

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The dumbest application you can’t live without

Email. I use it everyday and I mostly hate it. We’re stuck with a system that was designed decades ago in the kumbaya days of the Internet when most people who were connected to the Internet meant well and getting … Continue reading

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AOL launches new search product

AOL launched a new version of AOL Search today. Disclosure: I work at AOL Search. (But not on this product.)

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Why I hate local TV news

I don’t watch TV news very often. I don’t really need to know who shot whom today or that valets sometimes steal loose change from your car (gasp!). Every once in a while, though, I tune in just to see … Continue reading

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Creating a smarter, more useful RSS reader

After about a month or so of travel, I’m way behind on my blog reading (and writing). On my Google Reader, many of my subscriptions are maxed out at 100+. I’m tempted to just mark them all read and start … Continue reading

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Fighting spam with picture e-mail ID

It’s time to turn the daily fight with spam on its head. Mail services should try to identify the mail I should pay attention to, instead of trying to just identify the junk. One way to do this is to … Continue reading

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The problems with experts

As I wrote earlier, I participated in an ExperTease game sponsored by search engine Ask at the Web 2.0 Expo. The game was a clever of way conveying an idea that Ask has up its sleeve: returning “expert” search results. … Continue reading

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