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Aloha to Mahalo, Calacanis’ new reference tool

Mahalo launched yesterday to much fanfare. The reference tool comes from Jason Calacanis, the entrepreneur behind Weblogs, Inc. and the founder of the Silicon Alley Reporter. Billed as “the world’s first human-powered search engine”, Mahalo is a cross between Wikipedia … Continue reading

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Google Maps: extreme close up with Street View

Google today released Street View, allowing users to zoom in to street level in New York, Miami, San Francisco, Denver and Las Vegas. (I can’t help but think Denver was selected to get a dig in at Mapquest.) It’s the … Continue reading

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User-created content search comes to Google Maps

One of the features promised when Google’s My Maps launched was that the content created would be searchable by users. I stumbled upon this feature in action while searching Maps today. This map was created by a local bar, showing … Continue reading

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Twittering up some dosas

I was up in New York City over the weekend and got to see my favorite dosa vendor. Thiru Kumar runs NY Dosas, a dosa cart in Washington Square Park. It has good, cheap eats. ($5 for lunch in NYC.) … Continue reading

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GPS for Blackberry and Calendar come to Google Mobile

Google announced GPS support on the Blackberry 8800. This is a huge move. It’s great that a major U.S. carrier, Cingular AT&T, is allowing free access to location data. I would have expected them to disable GPS access. I love … Continue reading

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IMing from your cell with EQO

EQO launched a new Voice over IP service for cell phones this week. The downloadable software allows you to make cheap international calls from your cell phone. A call from the U.S. to London on EQO costs 2.3c per minute, … Continue reading

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Making voicemail more useful

I was at the airport and saw on my phone’s screen that I missed a call from my friend Wanita. I called her back. “What do you think?,” she said. “About what? You called me.” “Didn’t you listen to my … Continue reading

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Pandora radio goes wireless

Pandora’s Internet radio service is now available on Sprint’s wireless network. Pandora allows you to quickly set up personalized radio stations based on artists and songs you like. The service then plays music it thinks you might like. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Search your neighborhood on Google Maps

You can now search Google Maps by neighborhood in 50 U.S. cities. Some sample searches: “bars in adams morgan dc” “museums upper east side, ny” “pizza portero hill sf“. I’ve long complained that ZIP codes are a terrible crutch used … Continue reading

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Recruiting in the 21st century

Saw this in the window of a vacant storefront. It’s the only indication of what is going into the space.

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