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On vacation

In New Orleans for my second post-Katrina Jazz Fest.

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No more ugly T-shirts, please

This is a half Earth Day/half bad marketing rant. If you’re running a conference and want to give out T-shirts, make the designs something people will want to wear. I’m talking to you, Search Engine Strategies. Your T-shirt is so … Continue reading

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Making better ads

Every week, I get an email from United Airlines telling me about their e-fares for the coming weekend. Almost every week, I ignore this email because the information isn’t relevant to me. This week’s email includes fares from Burbank to … Continue reading

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1309 spam messages in 90 minutes

I got an unpleasant surprise today – an avalanche of spam in 90 minutes. And technically, I was the one sending it. Or at least that’s what the mailservers thought. Our current email system was created in a time when … Continue reading

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Video of Marge Simpson discovering Google

I added a video clip from The Simpsons to the Marge Simpson discovers Google post. It’s also below. Enjoy.

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Beautiful architecture and DC’s ugly buildings

The American Institute of Architects has a compilation of 150 structures as part of the online exhibit America’s Favorite Architecture. As with any such “top” list, there’s bound to be disagreement, but the site is worth exploring. The list is … Continue reading

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The hassles of clicks to bricks

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a story on the hassles of buying online and picking up in store (subscription required). The story includes experiences where the item isn’t available, orders are canceled and other inconveniences. It fairly accurately reflects my … Continue reading

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Marge Simpson discovers Google

Google made a guest appearance on The Simpsons this Sunday night, with Marge discovering the joys of the Internet. “All this time I thought Googling yourself meant the other thing.” The Springfield search engine’s results are a bit lighter and … Continue reading

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Earth Day and assholes

Some assholes in California are stealing the HOV stickers off hybrid cars, according to the San Jose Mercury News. The stickers allow solo drivers to use the HOV lanes if they’re driving in a clean-fuel vehicle. The California DMV recently … Continue reading

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De-cluttering the planet one bill at a time

I came back from my travels facing a stack of bills in my mailbox. I’ve been paying bills online for years now; with most major billers, this means that there’s no paper flowing back the other way. The major credit … Continue reading

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