Marge Simpson discovers Google

Google made a guest appearance on The Simpsons this Sunday night, with Marge discovering the joys of the Internet.

“All this time I thought Googling yourself meant the other thing.”

The Springfield search engine’s results are a bit lighter and quite different from my version of Google. Marge found 629,000 results for “Marge Simpson” vs. 1.6 million when I did the search. Marge also didn’t get the images layer.

Her satellite view in Google Maps is also real-time. I’d be thrilled if the satellite view of my place wasn’t four years old. I’ve been living there for more than three years and it still shows the building under construction.

Classic line from Lisa: “I’m proud of you mom. You’re like Christopher Columbus, you discovered something millions of people knew about before you.”

More on Google.


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