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Making Gmail even better

I’ve been using Gmail for about two years now. For my needs (read: search and wireless), it’s the best email product out there. Paul K. pointed at Better Gmail, a Firefox extension that makes it even better, solving a few … Continue reading

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Virgin America planes at SFO

As I was taking off from SFO yesterday, I noticed the Virgin logo on three smaller airplanes. On closer inspection, the Airbuses had Virgin America‘s livery. I was tempted to snap a picture, but resisted out of fear of being … Continue reading

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I know my Valley gossip – Wii!

I won a Wii at the Web 2.0 Expo, courtesy of Ask‘s ExperTease contest. Among the questions on my path to victory: What Silicon Valley founder is rumored to have had cosmetic surgery? Answer here. What Valley CEO threw a … Continue reading

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Google’s first pre-announcement?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced at his Web 2.0 keynote that Google will be releasing a presentations application. (TechCrunch coverage here.) There are lots of interesting aspects to this, especially for Microsoft fans/foes. But I found one thing especially interesting: … Continue reading

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Sticking it to the (hotel) man

Hotels have lost much of their ancillary revenue from me over the last few years. With unlimited roaming plans in the U.S. and the ease of buying prepaid cell service overseas, I only use hotel phones for wake up calls … Continue reading

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Wake up call in California

I was reminded this morning about how adamant California hotels are about wake up calls. I woke up about 15 minutes before my scheduled 7:30 wake up call. I started getting ready for the day. Apparently they called twice while … Continue reading

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On search and privacy

Today’s Search Engine Strategies panel discussion on search and privacy was easily the least attended session I went to, with fewer than 24 people in the audience throughout the session. If the turnout was any indication of people’s interest in … Continue reading

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How to get traffic to your front door

As I’ve been traveling over the last few weeks, I’ve been amazed with the number of businesses that make it difficult for people to visit them in person. I’m not talking about online retailers who don’t want customers showing up … Continue reading

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Who reads the front page?

I was trying to determine how profitable Tribune’s online operations would be if they blocked sites from displaying links to their stories. The answer: “Not very.” The stats for and (which have much stronger online operations than Tribune) … Continue reading

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Dash-ing ahead of the GPS pack

Newcomer Dash is seeking 2,000 drivers across the country to beta test a new concept in satellite navigation. Instead of relying primarily on data stored on a DVD or flash memory, Dash Express uses two-way Internet connectivity to a deliver … Continue reading

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