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Weekly Reader – Dec. 29, 2007 – TV, coffee, patents and Branson

This week’s interesting reads: Futurist: Digital TV’s Mixed Signals (CQ) – Congressional Quarterly takes a look at the impact of government action/inaction on the development and adoption of technology. As we near the Feb. 2009 date when analog broadcasting in … Continue reading

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Deep dish pizza near O’Hare – result found

Since I wrote earlier about the difficulties I had using search engines to find deep dish pizza, this blog has become the number one Google result for the query “deep dish pizza at O’Hare.” In the interest of serving my … Continue reading

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Rocky’s travel secrets for your flights home

I’ve spent much of this year in airports and on airplanes. (Including 11 hours at O’Hare on Sunday for a fruitless trip.) Over the years, I’ve developed strategies for coping with the hassles of air travel. I hope you don’t … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to one and all and best wishes for a very happy new year. It’s been quite the interesting year at Casa Rocky. I’ve reaffirmed the power of friendship in a sometimes difficult year, spending time with and getting … Continue reading

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When you’re not important … and you know it

I’ve been waiting at O’Hare now for five hours now. I still have at least three hours to go, assuming United doesn’t cancel my flight. My scheduled 5:45 p.m. flight is showing an estimated departure time of 10:33 p.m. It’s … Continue reading

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Weekly Reader – Dec. 22, 2007 – Usability, corrections, Wiimote whiteboard and geography

This week’s round up of interesting reads and views: Why Nobody Likes a Smart Machine (NYTimes) – A look at usability issues and the impact of product design on humans. It comes ahead of Christmas Day, when many people will … Continue reading

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Lighting up Google Maps in red and green

Creative Commons image from flickr user listentoreason. Google’s LatLong blog reports that The Ledger in Florida has published a Google My Map of Christmas lights in and around Lakeland, Fla. It’s great that newspapers are finally starting to use open … Continue reading

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Dash begins taking preorders

Dash is now taking preorders for its next-generation navigation system. It’s one of the biggest breakthroughs in navigation technology and points to a time when we’ll all be connected as we drive down the road at 65 mph. Unlike typical … Continue reading

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Sign of the times

I went to the E-Trade site this morning and this is the first thing that greeted me: It’s a sign of the times. E-Trade has had more than its share of troubles lately. Suffering from the mortgage meltdown, it recently … Continue reading

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Bad user interface design at Dulles

If the city you’re going to begins with P-Z, move the giant stocking out of the way.

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