Yahoo’s new, improved maps

I was geotagging some pictures on Flickr and noticed that Yahoo! Maps has dramatically improved.

Yahoo! Maps facelift

Things that jumped out at me:

I can’t see the old version; some of these things may have existed in the previous version and I hadn’t noticed them.

Overall, it feels much better. Still not as good as Google Maps.

Update: The Yahoo! Local blog has details on this release of Maps. Another really cool feature: the ability to request driving directions by landmarks. Here’s a route from the White House to Andrews Air Force Base. Yahoo! also adds building outlines in New York and San Francisco, similar to what Google has done on a larger scale.

Rev. Dan Catts covers flickr and the new Maps on his blog.

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9 Responses to Yahoo’s new, improved maps

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  3. johnny whitt says:

    very poor service cannot even locate the simplest of streets no matter which way u type in address with zip city state will not come up.

  4. Rosemary says:

    I HATE the new yahoo maps — it sucks and blows. Why not give people a choice of the old and the new?!

  5. Bev says:

    I too am disappointed in the new yahoo maps. I am in real estate and I use it numerous times every day to find directions for several different properties. With the new layout I have to type in the entire address including state and zip, whereas before it gave you a separate box for the address, City, State and Zip so I didn’t have to retype the entire address, just the street. I do not use Yahoo Maps at all anymore. I’ve moved on to another venue.

  6. MARIA says:


  7. polly says:

    My husband drives a tracter-trailor truck, I have to look up his trips, to help him on the road. It would really help ,if you had a map for big trucks. There is so many roads out there, that a big truck is not allowed on. I love using yahoo maps , but I have too,make the big guess too send him down the road ,or,not. If you can come up with a map like that,,, You would have me for life!!! Thank You

  8. Barry says:

    Please give back the old Dial-up map while you fix the ten saved location limit on the new map. Whoever thought that was a suitable workaround should be shot then fired. idiot!

  9. M A Rahaman says:

    This yahoo map is very helpful for every one shows the directory of business center. I am very impressive for this yahoo map.

    Thanks & Regards
    M A Rahaman

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