Wake up call in California

I was reminded this morning about how adamant California hotels are about wake up calls.

I woke up about 15 minutes before my scheduled 7:30 wake up call. I started getting ready for the day. Apparently they called twice while I was in the shower. As I got out of the shower, someone from hotel security had come into my room to make sure I was OK.

This has happened before, but only in California. Most hotels just give up after a couple of calls. Is there some sort of law that requires hotels to ensure their guests are awake when they wanted to be? (California does have some nutty laws.) Are hotels here worried about liability if I miss an important meeting?


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5 Responses to Wake up call in California

  1. Klaus says:

    Sounds very strange.

    Maybe it’s a special austrian thing importet by Gov. Schwarzenegger? 😉

  2. Farhan Memon says:

    Hey! Califoria doesn’t have nutty laws. They only seem crazy to the rest of the country that hasn’t gotten with the program. ie. car emissions, consumer protection etc.

    Some may think the latest California “nuttiness” has to do plastic bags. San Francisco’s city council recently ruled that shopping bags have to be post-consumer recycled paper.

    Afterall Californians invented mountain biking — and that’s an Olympic sport.

  3. If it was England, you’d have spent a week sitting around before they even bothered to check you were alive!

    Great blog by the way… I’m particularly interested in your posts on newspapers and online, as that’s the field I work in, and what I blog about too…

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  5. Might depend on what suite/room features come with your stay – often might include courtesy features – that are not fully specified/documented unless if you ask. There might be a Hotel association within your district to seek advice…

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