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TV on the Web – almost ready for primetime

My cable was on the fritz earlier this week, which gave me the perfect opportunity to try out the Web-based TV offerings of the major networks. It’s great to see how quickly the major networks have jumped on the bandwagon … Continue reading

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Lots of free stuff from AOL

David Pogue in The Times has a great roundup today of many of the new freebies from AOL. He mentions three of my favorites – My eAddress, XM Radio and AOL Search – but not AIM Phoneline. I have to … Continue reading

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Why HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are toast

I was flipping through the options on my Comcast HD settop box and stumbled across HD movies on demand from Starz! and Encore. After a a few clicks Shopgirl appeared on screen in vibrant colors and 6-channel surround sound. (OK, … Continue reading

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AIM 6.0’s Buddy Feeds bring another dimension to social networking

Liz at GigaOm writes about my favorite new feature in the AIM 6.0 client released today, the Buddy Feed. I’ve been using it in beta for a few weeks and think it has the potential to really transform social networking. … Continue reading

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CNN tries to rewrite its history

Bill Maher outed Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman on Larry King Live last week. But you won’t find that in CNN’s transcript. In its place, you’ll find “(A PORTION OF THIS TRANSCRIPT HAS BEEN REMOVED).” The outing was also … Continue reading

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Gimme my money: remaking the ATM to get you cash faster

Google’s blog today talks about World Usability Day. One of the examples they cite is ATM design. Bank of America has run a series of commercials talking about how their advanced ATMs will be able to count cash deposits and … Continue reading

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Slickr and the power of open APIs

I was visiting my parents last weekend. After helping them get connected to broadband, the first thing I did was set up slickr. It’s a great app that turns the Windows screensaver into a flickr viewer. It automatically downloads pictures … Continue reading

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Bad incentives lead to bad results

I got an email from United Airlines yesterday announcing a closed beta test of a new version of with enhanced booking, Mileage Plus account information and better award travel booking. (Which is sorely needed.) United offered a carrot of … Continue reading

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Verizon and Comcast take different paths on user created video

Verizon and Comcast have announced divergent approaches to user-created video. Verizon is working on a deal with YouTube to present videos on Verizon Vcast phones and the TV service that is slowly rolling out. The Wall Street Journal broke the … Continue reading

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Election night’s big winner: the Internet

Election night is a perfect example of one of the best aspects of the Internet: instantaneous delivery of information to widely fragmented audiences. No waiting for the next day to get results from the newspaper. I didn’t even have to … Continue reading

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