Post-it to self: Don’t Google people any more

Google’s blog has a plea for users to not use Google as a verb. Just as we’re not supposed to Jet Ski or Xerox, Google’s lawyers would appreciate it if we stick to using Google as a noun.

There is a worse fate than becoming as indispensable as Kleenex: becoming as irrelevant as Polaroid.

This discussion is giving me a headache. I think I’ll take some aspirin.


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One Response to Post-it to self: Don’t Google people any more

  1. mystarbucks says:

    Wow! Do I feel old. Just the other day there was an article in my local newspaper about “pong”. Remember the first real tv video game. I even remember when cable came out. People associate Google with the word search. So, sorry Google it’s a little too late to change the definition of a word that is a common household word at this point. That’s like asking us to call cats “felines” instead of cat.

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