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Weekly reader – December 15, 2007

Interesting reads from this week: Why Lane Hartwell Popped the ‘Bubble’ Video (WIRED) – The hilarious video by the Richter Scales parodying the Web 2.0 bubble to the tune of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” disappeared from the Web after … Continue reading

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Flickr and privacy rights

Flickr is one of the treasures of the Web. You can find high quality images on just about every topic imaginable. It’s great for sharing with friends, planning vacations and illustrating blog posts. It also raises a lot of issues … Continue reading

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I went to see Live Free or Die Hard tonight. In addition to the pure mindless fun of two hours of chase scenes and car explosions, there’s the fun of talking about all the things that are so ridiculous afterward: … Continue reading

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Attack of the wireless patent trolls

I did a vanity search last night on the patent office’s published application database looking for some patents I’ve submitted. I came across a lot of patents submitted by Strategic Patents, P.C. The name itself screams patent troll. Trolls are … Continue reading

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CNN tries to rewrite its history

Bill Maher outed Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman on Larry King Live last week. But you won’t find that in CNN’s transcript. In its place, you’ll find “(A PORTION OF THIS TRANSCRIPT HAS BEEN REMOVED).” The outing was also … Continue reading

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YouTube’s other intellectual property issue

There’s been a lot of talk about the copyright issues that YouTube faces with the vast volume of clips that aren’t authorized by content creators. We’ve seen a number of licensing agreements for content. YouTube has also pulled unauthorized Comedy … Continue reading

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Post-it to self: Don’t Google people any more

Google’s blog has a plea for users to not use Google as a verb. Just as we’re not supposed to Jet Ski or Xerox, Google’s lawyers would appreciate it if we stick to using Google as a noun. There is … Continue reading

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