The TSA’s big show moves to the next act

Today brought stories such as “Authorities say easing ban on liquids won’t endanger fliers”. I fully agree, but only because the ban didn’t do anything to make fliers safer in the first place.

Another USA Today story talks about airport stores re-stocking liquids and gels. (Disclosure: Roger and I used to work together.) There was this interesting bit:Picture of a closed The Body Shop

“The Body Shop, which has 16 airport stores in the USA, will no longer require its clerks at shops inside security checkpoints to ask customers if they’re arriving or departing passengers, says marketing executive Kim Burrs.

Since August, the retailer has sold liquid or gel products only to those confirming that they just landed to prevent them from running into trouble with TSA.

The company closed nearly half of its airport stores immediately after the TSA’s decision in August but reopened them within a week.”

So during the ban on gels and liquids, The Body Shop was selling large bottles of liquids and gels inside the sterile area, relying on the word of travelers that they were arriving and not about to get on a plane with 12 ounces of contraband? The TSA and the airports allowed this? Yet another loophole in the faux fight against terrorism.

In the new regime, travelers can take on board up to 3 ounces of liquids or gels as long as they can fit within a single quart-sized plastic bag.

I wish I hadn’t sold my Proctor & Gamble stock. Those travel size toiletries have huge margins.


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  1. David says:

    You will enjoy this TSA story (site has pop-ups)

    I bet this happens all the time. I just don’t like taking off my shoes.

  2. Reeprothe says:

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