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Colgate squeezes out a product for a niche market

Kudos to Colgate-Palmolive for responding to a market need: three ounce tubes of toothpaste that fit into baggies that you can get take through airport security. I was pleasantly surprised to find this at Target before a recent trip. (I … Continue reading

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YouTube takes the stage on my Apple TV

I got the YouTube software upgrade on my Apple TV today. As impressed as I was with Apple TV, the YouTube upgrade is a very welcome addition. From the YouTube menu, you can watch featured videos, highest rated videos, most … Continue reading

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Round and round the carousel goes; where your bag isn’t, the airline knows

I hate to check bags. I hate the wait to see if the airline has lost my bag. And the wait to talk to the overworked agents who have to deal with grumpy customers. Because of the idiotic new “security” … Continue reading

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The TSA’s big show moves to the next act

Today brought stories such as “Authorities say easing ban on liquids won’t endanger fliers”. I fully agree, but only because the ban didn’t do anything to make fliers safer in the first place. Another USA Today story talks about airport … Continue reading

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