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Occasional reader – Saying no to Google, popcorn prices popping, economics and height, Pringles

North Oaks tells Google Maps: Keep out – we mean it (Star Tribune) — A suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota has demanded that Google remove all images from Street View, citing its laws against trespassing. The city’s roads are privately … Continue reading

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Occasional reader – Jon Stewart, privacy and Fauxbama

Some interesting items from the last few weeks: Jon Stewart’s pre-Oscar interview on Larry King Live (CNN) – This interview is a perfect example of why people like me are watching The Daily Show for news. Stewart is sharper and … Continue reading

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Weekly reader – December 15, 2007

Interesting reads from this week: Why Lane Hartwell Popped the ‘Bubble’ Video (WIRED) – The hilarious video by the Richter Scales parodying the Web 2.0 bubble to the tune of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” disappeared from the Web after … Continue reading

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People tagging on Facebook

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m a big proponent of geotagging. As I’ve gotten deeper into Facebook, I’ve also become a big fan of people tagging. People tagging allows you to uniquely identify people in pictures. Tagging can … Continue reading

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Flickr and privacy rights

Flickr is one of the treasures of the Web. You can find high quality images on just about every topic imaginable. It’s great for sharing with friends, planning vacations and illustrating blog posts. It also raises a lot of issues … Continue reading

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Reading license plates with Google Street View

The New York Times’ Miguel Helft has a piece this morning on the privacy implications of Google’s Street View. I found this picture of a Civic Hybrid parked near Google headquarters the other day. You can clearly read the “I … Continue reading

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On search and privacy

Today’s Search Engine Strategies panel discussion on search and privacy was easily the least attended session I went to, with fewer than 24 people in the audience throughout the session. If the turnout was any indication of people’s interest in … Continue reading

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Your car’s computer – friend or foe?

Today’s WSJ has a story that vividly illustrates the tradeoffs that technology can offer between privacy and security (subscription required). The story explores how the increased data that cars collect can be used: That data could be crucial to guiding … Continue reading

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Xeroxing your identity

Computerworld has a story on the threat that the new generation of copiers poses to your identity. We’ve got a fancy copier at the office that I use when submitting expenses. Instead of making copies, it will scan the receipts … Continue reading

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Please don’t send to a friend

One of the key ways I get around the spam scourge is to use a separate email address for close friends, family and important business contacts. I don’t use this address for anything else. As a result, the people closest … Continue reading

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