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A finance guide for millionaires and billionaires

This guide is primarily targeted to people who have 6 figure incomes and ay least 7 figures in assets. If you’re a billionaire: thanks for reading! Hit me up at We can grab coffee. You can certainly afford to … Continue reading

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Favorite things, day 6: First Republic

I had somehow left my card in Hong Kong and was on my way to Zimbabwe. ATMs are common, but few businesses take credit cards. So I needed cash. I emailed by banker and she offered a couple of options. … Continue reading

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What would you do with $600?

That question seems to be on a lot of people’s minds these days, thanks to the newly announced $150 billion stimulus package. “I would like my check and I think everybody else feels the same way,” said David Wyss Chief … Continue reading

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Never take the first offer

I needed to cancel one of my credit cards. I rarely use the card and didn’t want to pay the $75 annual fee. I called Citi to cancel. Of course this is never an easy process. They transfered me to … Continue reading

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Xeroxing your identity

Computerworld has a story on the threat that the new generation of copiers poses to your identity. We’ve got a fancy copier at the office that I use when submitting expenses. Instead of making copies, it will scan the receipts … Continue reading

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Touch-and-go credit card payments

The AOL cafeterias recently added the PayPass credit card readers. Instead of handing your card to the cashier or sliding the magnetic stripe through a reader, the terminals allow you to just touch your credit card against the reader. The … Continue reading

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Custom pictures come to credit cards

You can do a lot of things with your pictures these days – turn them into notecards, magnets, calendars, mugs, puzzles, stamps, T-shirts. With all the gimmicks credit card companies use to try to get you to pick their plastic … Continue reading

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Fare Guard – a (bad) option on low airfares

Farecast is one of my favorite sites for checking out airfares. It’s a data junkie’s dream – Farecast does for airfares what Zillow does for real estate data. You can slice and dice airfare data in a number of different … Continue reading

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Gimme my money: remaking the ATM to get you cash faster

Google’s blog today talks about World Usability Day. One of the examples they cite is ATM design. Bank of America has run a series of commercials talking about how their advanced ATMs will be able to count cash deposits and … Continue reading

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When free costs $687.50

Bank of America made headlines this week when it announced that it was offering free equity trades for customers who put $25,000 in deposit accounts. Customers in the Northeast who put $25,000 in to such accounts get up to 30 … Continue reading

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