I went to see Live Free or Die Hard tonight. In addition to the pure mindless fun of two hours of chase scenes and car explosions, there’s the fun of talking about all the things that are so ridiculous afterward:

  • Although the movie is set in DC, the buildings are too tall, the crowd scenes are too white and the tunnel that is a key focus of the action doesn’t exist.
  • Jets and helicopters can’t maneuver the way they do.
  • The stereotypical movie computers that are in big airy rooms with flashing lights and displays. Real data centers tend to be sterile, freezing and cramped.

In case you haven’t seen the first three movies, here’s a fun video that will catch you up. You don’t want to miss the fine nuances of the plot.

The story of the video itself is interesting. Originally Guyz Nite included clips from the first three movies. After studio lawyers insisted the band take it down, the marketing department came back and paid them to add clips from the fourth movie and put it back up.

(Explicit lyrics)


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1 Response to Yippie-ki-yay

  1. Swimfan says:

    Hey dude !
    Was just going through the Yippie-Ki-yay thing from John McClane when i came across the bullet points you mentioned above.

    Not all of your points are true.Lemme explain

    The tunnel may not be there in DC.

    But the maneuverability that they showed abt choppers and jets was very true. In fact the jet they showed is US’s most advanced stealth fighter with vertical take off and landing. The jet holds its warheads in its belly rather than the wings. This jet will into production in 2008.

    Lastly, the sets that they showed abt the “power grid control” and the “financial” datacentre at Middletown, can be true. They’re generally control centres rather than data centre.

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