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Your customers are Twits

Last year, I blogged about how local businesses could use Twitter to reach their customers. In that hypothetical example, a street vendor would let regulars know whether he was working or not. A number of large companies, including Zappos, Comcast … Continue reading

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From chits to bits

I was meeting some colleagues and partners last night for the Pistons playoff game. As we sat down for drinks, we realized that we’d left the tickets at our hotel – more than an hour away from the Palace. Six … Continue reading

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Weekly Reader – Dec. 29, 2007 – TV, coffee, patents and Branson

This week’s interesting reads: Futurist: Digital TV’s Mixed Signals (CQ) – Congressional Quarterly takes a look at the impact of government action/inaction on the development and adoption of technology. As we near the Feb. 2009 date when analog broadcasting in … Continue reading

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Rocky’s travel secrets for your flights home

I’ve spent much of this year in airports and on airplanes. (Including 11 hours at O’Hare on Sunday for a fruitless trip.) Over the years, I’ve developed strategies for coping with the hassles of air travel. I hope you don’t … Continue reading

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Meeting your customers face to face

In the world of blogs, email feedback and focus groups, it’s easy to think you’re getting all the feedback you need to run your business. Very few Web companies bother to meet their customers face-to-face. Two notable exceptions are Yelp … Continue reading

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How satisified are you with…?

I find that increasingly companies are asking me to answer surveys after speaking to their call center agents. Whether it’s a credit card company, insurance company or travel provider, they want to know how satisfied I am. Many times, I … Continue reading

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Can an airline really be this inept?

Every couple of months, U.S. Airways sends out an email describing the progress on their computer systems. As with most large-scale systems projects, they’re behind. The self-effacing emails try to reassure customers that the airline really cares. Here’s an excerpt … Continue reading

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