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Weekly Reader: Groupon, Sonos, why air travel sucks

I didn’t write any posts this week! I spent the first part of the week in Chicago chatting with current and former Groupon employees and with the folks at edo Interactive, Braintree and GrubHub. GrubHub has a very interesting product … Continue reading

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Weekly Reader: Facebook virality, Twitter patents and Groupon’s Lefkofsky

This contains a summary of my work this week. I had two very important non-Groupon stories this week, on Facebook and Twitter. My work Secrets of Facebook’s success: Virality — Facebook’s photo tagging feature was an important driver of its growth. … Continue reading

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Staying connected with friends for frequent travelers

Since the mid-90s, I’ve been a frequent traveler. I’ve flown more than a million miles and stayed the equivalent of several years in hotel rooms. All of this can take a big toll on friendships and relationships. I recently came … Continue reading

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“It just works” rules

Back in the day, I used to like to tinker with software and set configurations and such. The picture above is me working on my Commodore 64 a long, long time go. Back then, I rocked BASIC. I even wrote … Continue reading

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Bet with Paul Kedrosky

I have this bet with Paul Kedrosky: If Groupon’s market cap falls below $6 billion on any day on or before June 3, I win. If Groupon’s market cap stays above $6 billion until after June 3, Paul wins. Market … Continue reading

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Another open letter to Andrew Mason

Dear Andrew: As you may have heard, I am coming back to Chicago in the next couple of weeks for another round of Groupon research. Although you didn’t take me up on my invitation the last time I visited Chicago, … Continue reading

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In Chicago April 21-25

I’m due for a trip to the Windy City for some Giordano’s, my pilgrimage to Wrigley, and of course to visit my friends at 600 W. Chicago and the Motel Bar. While I’m in Chicago I would love to speak … Continue reading

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