Weekly Reader: Groupon, Sonos, why air travel sucks

I didn’t write any posts this week!

I spent the first part of the week in Chicago chatting with current and former Groupon employees and with the folks at edo Interactive, Braintree and GrubHub. GrubHub has a very interesting product that will be announced on Tuesday; I think it’s an important step in the market. I spent the second part of the week in New Orleans for Jazz Fest.

I will have plenty to say about Groupon based on my Chicago conversations in the next few weeks.

Although I didn’t write, I was quoted elsewhere.

Me quoted elsewhere

3 On Your Side: Daily Deal Fatigue — I talk to CBS Philadelphia about the consumer side of Groupon and how consumers can protect themselves. Actually, I didn’t talk to anyone in Philly; they just recycled video from an interview I did with CBS San Francisco. (I don’t think SF has aired it yet.)

Sonos at 10: Speakers command attention — I talk to USA Today about Sonos, a company I really like.

Surviving The Road Wars Of Economy Travel — I talk to Forbes about why air travel sucks. It’s mostly because vast majority of consumers aren’t willing to pay for it. If people were consistently willing to pay more, we’d have higher quality.

Other interesting nuggets

May 20th has been set as the date for my monthly wine and cheese event. DM me for details.


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