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Proposed stakes for a new bet with Felix Salmon

Bet is based on Groupon’s market cap as a percentage of Priceline’s market cap at the close of trading on April 9, 2013. Wolfram Alpha numbers will be used. If the ratio is below 15%: Felix will buy Rocky dinner … Continue reading

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Look at the logo Google News puts next to Groupon

From this morning, a search on Groupon returned these results: I think I’ve made the Groupon and Enron comparison myself. In both cases, you had high-flying companies that focused on short-term growth while ignoring the underlying risks of what they … Continue reading

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Why I like the American Express approach to offers

I am in Las Vegas and went out to dinner last night a the Public House, a fantastic restaurant at the Venetian. We were having a great meal when several of us decided to check in on foursquare. (Hey, we’re from … Continue reading

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RockyDeals: Chance to win a pitch meeting

Earlier this week, I interviewed Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures. I really love what Albert had to share and want to get as money people as possible to listen to it. If you listen to the interview and send … Continue reading

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Are LivingSocial, Google Offers and the rest as bad as Groupon?

IMPORTANT: Please see this page to see my current interests in Groupon. Whenever I get into Groupon mode, people ask me about how LivingSocial and Google Offers are different from Groupon. In many ways, they are the same. Any model … Continue reading

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USV’s Albert Wegner talks about the state of Internet investing

I had a chance to sit down with Albert Wegner of Union Square Ventures yesterday as part of a book I’m working on. Wegner is a gracious and brilliant man. He offered his insights on a wide range of topics. … Continue reading

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Best practices for April Fool’s Day

My April Fool’s Day went much better than I expected with a lot of people believing that I joined Groupon. As you probably know by now, I didn’t actually join Groupon. In fact, I was on CNBC this afternoon talking … Continue reading

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