PR tip: Don’t do this

Don’t cold email reporters when you are drunk.

From an email I received last night:

We’re 2 weeks from launch. Our inaugural trip to SF as a company runs this Monday (7a virgin air from IAD) through Thursday, for the purposes of meeting with some of our first customers and potential channel partners. As it happens, our programmers are based in Ohio, and my partner (Denver) and I (DC) have yet to meet them live. Strange economy we inhabit. We’ve got no press yet and I’m not sure we’re seeking any at this point, but based on the nature of your tweet and the number of glasses of wine I’ve had this evening, I thought I’d drop a line and offer a conversation at some future occasion. Understood, however, if you’re inundated with these types of messages.

(Emphasis added. I removed a few details that would identify the company.)

Do read Chris Dixon’s blog post on how startups should deal with reporters. Also, read all of the comments. There is some great advice there.


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