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Groupon’s road to IPO: Best resources for potential investors

This is a compilation of the best news coverage I see of the Groupon IPO. I won’t be including items from this blog on the list, but will include my work elsewhere. Other sources: Jim Cramer says “This is not … Continue reading

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My video analysis of the Groupon roadshow

On Tuesday, I led a live viewing of the Groupon IPO roadshow video on Chill, a great new site for interacting with others while watching video. The video below includes my analysis of the Groupon roadshow, as well as my … Continue reading

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Groupon’s tricky S-1 math

Quick: How many people bought a Groupon in the third quarter? The obvious, easy answer based on the latest S-1 is 29.5 million. That’s what Reuters wrote yesterday. (They rounded up to 30 million.) But that number is wrong. What … Continue reading

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Think Groupon is a technology company? Think again.

Through much of its roadshow presentation, Groupon tries to make the claim that it’s a technology company. At one point, CEO Andrew Mason bizarrely uses a cyborg to illustrate how much the company is about technology. From a company perspective, … Continue reading

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Short-term, transactional thinking in a social media world

I woke up this morning to find a bill under my door for a $7.60 bottle of water, courtesy of the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Apparently the bottle of water next to the bathroom sink wasn’t free. There wasn’t … Continue reading

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A note about my Groupon coverage and accountability

I’m sometimes asked if I ghost write under other names or post comments anonymously about Groupon. I do not. Everything I’ve written about Groupon and the daily deals space has been posted under my name. I do, however, answer a … Continue reading

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Like many Groupons, Groupon is no bargain — even at 50% off

Groupon finally announced the details of its much awaited IPO. The company seeks a valuation that is between 1/3 and 1/2 of what was rumored when its first S-1 was published in June. Although the numbers are on the surface … Continue reading

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