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My great Groupon customer service experience

In early May, I bought a Groupon for Robb’s Really Good Food. It’s a food cart in Portland, Ore. Before I got a chance to use it, Robb sold his food cart. (He plans to open a new one.) I … Continue reading

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Things I love

I know there has been a lot of negativity on this blog lately in connection with my coverage of the daily deals space. New readers may be wondering, what the hell? Does this guy like anything? Well, in fact I … Continue reading

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Sam Altman will clean your house for $5

That’s right, the CEO of Loopt will personally clean your house for $5. But only if 1,000 people sign up. Only, I haven’t told him about the deal yet. He may not agree, but I’m using his name anyway. Hell, … Continue reading

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Virgin America knows how to make daily deals work

I admit it. I am in the bag for Virgin America. I have been since before they took off. (Literally.) I once live tweeted a flight to San Diego using their in-flight WiFi. Savvy travelers will recognize that the picture … Continue reading

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LivingSocial merchant agreement

See the Groupon, LivingSocial and daily deals merchant FAQ. LivingSocial Merchant Agreement (US) v1.3 CONFIDENTIAL LIVINGSOCIAL MERCHANT SERVICE AGREEMENT Order Form This LivingSocial Merchant Service Agreement Order Form is governed by the  attached  LivingSocial Merchant Service Agreement Standard Terms & … Continue reading

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Revised Groupon merchant agreement

Here is a sample merchant agreement that I received. This one is from January 2011. Merchant Agreement Date of Agreement: 1/XX/2011 Merchant Name(herein referred to as “Merchant”): This “Merchant Agreement” or “Agreement”, effective as of the above date (“Effective Date”), … Continue reading

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Shop Talk: A conversation with a Groupon merchant

I apologize for the poor audio quality in the video. Yes, I know I should have put a mic on her, but this was shot with a point-and-shoot digital camera without an external mic jack. The TechCrunch story has biggest … Continue reading

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