Aloha to Kauai

I finally got around to uploading the last of the pictures from my Kauai trip in February. Between the two of us, Wanita and I shot more than 1,000 pictures. I’ve narrowed them down to a highlights tour of 56. More are available on flickr.

We did a lot in our five days, including hiking the Kalalau Trail, horseback riding, attending the Waimea Town Celebration, driving the Waimea Canyon Road, going to services at a Hawaiian church and seeing rainbows, waterfalls and a lighthouse.

Kauai remains one of my favorite places on Earth. We thought the “Scenic Overlook” signs were a bit ridiculous (we saw about five) given that most of the island is a panorama of natural beauty.

Wanita at scenic overlook

Unfortunately, the island is being rapidly developed. If you’ve dreamed of going, you should go sooner rather than later. A large swath of the Southern part of the island is blocked off for a giant construction project as they build more malls and timeshares.

As always, there’s a map of the trip. (Some of the geocoding will be slightly off because Wanita wandered away from the GPS.)


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