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Sprint sets location free – sort of

TeleNav’s GPS navigator service will be included with select data plans, Sprint announced today. Customers who subscribe to the Sprint Power Vision Ultimate Pack ($25), Sprint Power Vision Business Pack ($25) or the new Sprint Power Vision Navigation Pack ($20) … Continue reading

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Cleaning up my digital neighborhood

My neighborhood undergone a lot of change in the three years I’ve lived here. It’s been very exciting to see new businesses come in and sad to see some old favorites go away. (I’m still puzzled as to how the … Continue reading

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Remote control for your cell phone

I often leave my cell phone on vibrate during the day, especially on meeting heavy days. I hate being that guy in meetings. But just as often I forget to turn the ringer back on when I get home. That … Continue reading

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Ah, the feeling of accomplishment

I sent an email at 9:18 this morning to the developer of GPS Twitter suggesting an enhancement. At 10:09, I got an email back thanking me for the suggestion and asking that I give the fix a try. No change … Continue reading

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The world’s atwitter about Twitter

You know you’ve made the big time when the Wall Street Journal writes about you. (Either that, or you’ve jumped the shark.) Twitter got a lot of love this week, both from the Journal and at the SXSW conference. Twitter … Continue reading

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WHERE in the world am I?

I needed to get out my rant about carriers locking up location services before I talk about WHERE. (They refer to themselves in all caps, and because I like the service, I’ll do the same.) WHERE is a platform that … Continue reading

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Set my location free

I’m a big believer in the power of location-based services. Everyday activities like local search, weather and communications can be greatly simplified by using automatic location. The biggest obstacles (and, to be fair, the biggest enablers) of location-based services, are … Continue reading

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Blogging from a coffee shop

It may be cliche, but this is my first time. As I sit here on a Saturday morning, I see more bad news for the newspaper industry: the ratio of laptop users to newspaper readers here is 2:1. And I’m … Continue reading

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AOL launches local beta

AOL Local has a beta of a new map-based search product. It’s a solid first effort, and one that is competitive with offerings from Google, Yahoo! and Yelp. AOL Local plays up AOL’s primary differentiator over the competition: exclusive content … Continue reading

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Xeroxing your identity

Computerworld has a story on the threat that the new generation of copiers poses to your identity. We’ve got a fancy copier at the office that I use when submitting expenses. Instead of making copies, it will scan the receipts … Continue reading

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