Sprint sets location free – sort of

TeleNav’s GPS navigator service will be included with select data plans, Sprint announced today. Customers who subscribe to the Sprint Power Vision Ultimate Pack ($25), Sprint Power Vision Business Pack ($25) or the new Sprint Power Vision Navigation Pack ($20) will have access to unlimited navigation. Other data plan users can access the application for $2.99 per day. The service currently costs $10/month on top of the data plan rate.

Confused? So am I. Sprint has a lot of different data plans with various bundles that take a lot of analysis to understand. I don’t think my plan is one of the ones covered, but I really don’t know.

A couple of intriguing tidbits:

This fall shorts of what I wrote in “Set my location free” or what the WHERE platform provides. My read is that the location will only be accessible to the TeleNav application. You won’t, for example, be able to pull up a weather site and get weather for your current location.

But it’s a relatively bold move by the nation’s #3 carrier.


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