A cheap chic MP3 player

My favorite MP3 player this year is small, lightweight, doesn’t hold a lot of songs and doesn’t come from Apple. You can only get it Target. A testament to Target’s marketing savvy, it also doubles as a $50 gift card.

The player (minus the retractable earbuds) would fit inside an Altoids tin. The design has an Apple-like simplicity and elegantly incorporates the Target bullseye. It has a 64MB memory chip, enough for about 15 songs. Loading up songs is easy – just plug the included cable into your computer’s USB port and drag the songs over. (You can also use it as a thumb drive.) Sound quality is pretty good. The player is powered by a replaceable AAA battery.

Target's slick new MP3 player

Despite being a flash player, the player I got doesn’t survive shakes very well. As far as I can tell it’s probably a loose contact in the power switch or battery compartment.

On the back of the player is a bar code that serves as the gift card. Just scan the player to pay for your Target purchase. It’s somewhat impractical as a gift card. (It won’t fit in a wallet.) But its uniqueness makes it much more interesting than the typical gift card. I could see loading up the player with songs tailored to the giftee.

As a marketing guy, my one disappointment is that the bullseye is decorative – it doesn’t, for example, play one of the songs from Target TV commercials.

I was thinking last week that with the drop in price of storage it wouldn’t be long until companies gave away MP3 players. I just didn’t it expect it to be on Sunday.


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  2. michael says:

    yeah, these cards are so awesome just purely because they are basically free if u shop at target a lot just go grab one and load it. i got one and a wii system spend the card on the wii lol. now i have a completly useless 64 meg flash drive ^_^. wait no its not 😉

  3. Incognito says:

    It seems like this thing runs a lot better on 2.4v instead of 1.5v, the battery life is much better. I only get an hour on 1.5v.

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