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Unlocking the creativity of the masses

With the launch of the iPhone last year (and the millions of dollars in ad spend around it), Apple did more for wireless data adoption than wireless carriers had in the last 10 years. With Thursday’s launch of the App … Continue reading

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Apple’s iPhone fixes voicemail

As much as I hate SMS, I hate voicemail even more. It’s a truly broken experience. There are three major problems with traditional voicemail: It’s linear. If you have 10 messages in your mailbox, it doesn’t matter if the 9th … Continue reading

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A phone that could only come from Apple

The iPhone could only come from Apple. And I’m not talking about the elegant design or the technology. Handset manufacturers routinely cripple phone features for the U.S. market to make sure that customers use their phones in exactly the way … Continue reading

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A cheap chic MP3 player

My favorite MP3 player this year is small, lightweight, doesn’t hold a lot of songs and doesn’t come from Apple. You can only get it Target. A testament to Target’s marketing savvy, it also doubles as a $50 gift card. … Continue reading

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TV on the Web – almost ready for primetime

My cable was on the fritz earlier this week, which gave me the perfect opportunity to try out the Web-based TV offerings of the major networks. It’s great to see how quickly the major networks have jumped on the bandwagon … Continue reading

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iPods and cars

Nearly five years into the iPod revolution, there remains no iPod/car integration that provides a complete experience. For many people, the only option is to use an FM transmitter. Others can choose to play their iPods through a tape player … Continue reading

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