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Apple TV brings your media to life

I bought an Apple TV over the weekend. It’s quite simply the most elegant, well-designed consumer electronics device I’ve used. Apple TV works with iTunes to bring music, video, movies, photos and podcasts to life on your HDTV. (In geek … Continue reading

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Flickr vs. The Washington Post

There was a big bike race outside my door yesterday. Thousands of people showed up to watch pro cyclists from around the world in the 100km CSC Invitational. What’s the best source to find out about what happened yesterday? Oddly, … Continue reading

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NewsCorpNBCYahooMSNMySpaceAOLTube vs. GooTube

NBC and News Corp announced a broad-reaching partnership this week that will feature shows from NBC and Fox on AOL, MSN, MySpace and Yahoo! — all the major Internet players except Google, the owner of YouTube. The major television networks … Continue reading

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Using the Web to shame

The WSJ has a fun story (subscription required) about using the Web to shame people who do bad things like cut you off in traffic, park in handicapped spots and talk too loudly on cell phones. The digital age allows … Continue reading

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CNN tries to rewrite its history

Bill Maher outed Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman on Larry King Live last week. But you won’t find that in CNN’s transcript. In its place, you’ll find “(A PORTION OF THIS TRANSCRIPT HAS BEEN REMOVED).” The outing was also … Continue reading

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Verizon and Comcast take different paths on user created video

Verizon and Comcast have announced divergent approaches to user-created video. Verizon is working on a deal with YouTube to present videos on Verizon Vcast phones and the TV service that is slowly rolling out. The Wall Street Journal broke the … Continue reading

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YouTube’s other intellectual property issue

There’s been a lot of talk about the copyright issues that YouTube faces with the vast volume of clips that aren’t authorized by content creators. We’ve seen a number of licensing agreements for content. YouTube has also pulled unauthorized Comedy … Continue reading

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YouTube pulls Comedy Central clips

YouTube has begun to remove Comedy Central clips from shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. It’s unfortunate. Colbert’s show has been one of the leaders in embracing the Internet and engaging with viewers online. The Internet audience, … Continue reading

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Could YouTube have come from a large company?

YouTube is clearly one of the leading innovators in the online video space, dramatically transforming not only the way people consume video content on the Web, but also what kind of content they consume. You don’t need to look any … Continue reading

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Getting viewers to create your content

Few TV shows have embraced the Internet as broadly as The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. Last night was the conclusion of Colbert’s Green Screen Challenge. For the recurring segment, Colbert made a clip of him wielding a light saber … Continue reading

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