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NBC’s Horny Manatee (SFW)

Conan O’Brien stumbled into another great example of viewers interacting with and reshaping what appears on broadcast TV. This one happened when Conan ad-libbed the URL after a segment in which an FSU manatee appears in front of a … Continue reading

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How much is a TV show worth?

As I was playing with various ways of watching TV this week, I came across a number of different pricing models: Live broadcast TV – Free with lots of commericals. Broadcast TV on DVR – Free with lots of skippable … Continue reading

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TV on the Web – almost ready for primetime

My cable was on the fritz earlier this week, which gave me the perfect opportunity to try out the Web-based TV offerings of the major networks. It’s great to see how quickly the major networks have jumped on the bandwagon … Continue reading

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Why HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are toast

I was flipping through the options on my Comcast HD settop box and stumbled across HD movies on demand from Starz! and Encore. After a a few clicks Shopgirl appeared on screen in vibrant colors and 6-channel surround sound. (OK, … Continue reading

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Verizon and Comcast take different paths on user created video

Verizon and Comcast have announced divergent approaches to user-created video. Verizon is working on a deal with YouTube to present videos on Verizon Vcast phones and the TV service that is slowly rolling out. The Wall Street Journal broke the … Continue reading

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Redesigning the remote control

I own a Squeezebox audio player. For the most part, it is a brilliantly designed device. The design of the unit itself has an Apple-like simplicity and elegance. The UI makes it possible to navigate thousands of music files on … Continue reading

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YouTube pulls Comedy Central clips

YouTube has begun to remove Comedy Central clips from shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. It’s unfortunate. Colbert’s show has been one of the leaders in embracing the Internet and engaging with viewers online. The Internet audience, … Continue reading

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Could YouTube have come from a large company?

YouTube is clearly one of the leading innovators in the online video space, dramatically transforming not only the way people consume video content on the Web, but also what kind of content they consume. You don’t need to look any … Continue reading

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Getting viewers to create your content

Few TV shows have embraced the Internet as broadly as The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. Last night was the conclusion of Colbert’s Green Screen Challenge. For the recurring segment, Colbert made a clip of him wielding a light saber … Continue reading

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Comedy Central vs. YouTube

Last night, the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert’s satire of Bill O’Reilly, aired a hilarious segment about Wikipedia and what Colbert termed “Wikiality”. It was so funny, I wanted to share it with some friends. I went to Comedy Central’s Web … Continue reading

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