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Facebook drives 6MM people to Friendster!

That headline is kinda, sorta true. If you buy shoddy analysis from misinterpreted data. Like a recent piece from Henry Blodget, mass inflator of the Web 1.0 bubble. He is at it again with a piece on Facebook being a … Continue reading

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Cutting the cord on the home phone

The Times reports today that the percentage of homes with cell phones and no landline now exceeds the percentage of homes that have a landline and no cell phones. It’s been about four years since I paid a landline phone … Continue reading

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comScore redefines search, Google wins bigger

ComScore is changing the methodology for its qSearch market share ratings. Instead of just counting search activity at the major search engines, comScore is expanding the definition of search to include searches at sites such as Wikipedia, eBay, Amazon, MySpace, … Continue reading

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Mmmm…. McCarrots and McMilk

The AP reports on a study of 63 poor children that found the kids preferred food in McDonald’s wrappers over identical unmarked food. The golden arches cast a golden halo over even healthy items such as carrots and milk. The … Continue reading

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Measuring Web traffic, let me count the ways

Mark Glaser at MediaShift has a great two-part series on measuring Web traffic. It’s well worth reading for publishers, advertisers and anyone else who cares about how traffic is measured. There are a number of different ways firms measure traffic: … Continue reading

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Measuring the Facebook traffic tsunami

Upstart traffic measurement company Quantcast has released some impressive data on the effect of the Facebook platform on audience growth. The company measured pre- and post-Facebook platform usage on three popular companies: Slide, HOTorNOT and RockYou. All three have seen … Continue reading

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AOL is #1

In my piece on Nielsen’s shift to time-on-site metrics, I mentioned the downsides of using a single metric. ZDNet has a follow on to the Nielsen story that explores this further. The shift in methodology puts AOL at the top … Continue reading

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