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Realtime Twitter search is not a Google killer, part 2

In the first part, I wrote about the fallacy of using people with thousands of followers to illustrate how you can get great results if you ask questions on Twitter. In this part, I’ll focus on why the conversational nature … Continue reading

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Realtime Twitter search is not a Google killer

There’s been a lot of hype lately about “realtime search” using Twitter being a Google Killer. John Battelle talked about it in searchblog. Mike Arrington talked about it in TechCrunch. There are two scenarios that have been talked about with … Continue reading

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Testing Calais

This post is to test a new semantic tagging tool from Reuters. The information in the post may or may not be true; I’ll follow up soon with the results. I love the Eagles’ Hotel California. I flew United from … Continue reading

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Writing news for search engines and blogs

One of the reasons I love blogging is that it gives me the opportunity to see things at a micro level. I can see patterns and analyze data in a way that I couldn’t in a typical work role. When … Continue reading

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Google knows people misspell my name

I’ve been seeing more people search on my name to get to this blog this week. (Wonder why?) This search was interesting: Notice that the searcher misspelled my last name, transposing the “a” and the “r”. I don’t have “Agarwal” … Continue reading

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Adapting online newspapers to a search/Web 2.0 world

I’ve written earlier about troubles facing the newspaper industry as well as some ideas for improving online newspapers. Here are a few more ideas. Make sure your pages are crawlable. Most newspaper sites do just fine at this when it … Continue reading

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Making the most of search engine traffic

News organizations are actively playing the SEO/SEM game. If you do a search for “Iraq War“, “taco bell“, “litvinenko“, you will get both organic results and sponsored links from major news sites. The sites take different approaches to where they … Continue reading

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