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My personal environmental footprint

It’s a trend in corporations (at least those outside the extraction industries) to do a self analysis on your environmental effects. I wanted to think deeply about mine. I recently mailed a mercury thermometer to a friend where she has … Continue reading

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My batshit crazy challenge

In order to motivate myself to exercise more, I’ve decided to donate to Newt Gingrich Rick SantorumMichele Bachmann every day I don’t meet my exercise goals until a Republican candidate is selected for President. The rules of the challenge: For every … Continue reading

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Grumble. Saaaaaaad. The hell?

As I was checking out of the spa at Princeville a few weeks ago, the receptionist said “You Welcome,” exactly the same way my friend Wanita does. It got me thinking about the distinctive ways we express ourselves. There is … Continue reading

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Drawing the short straw

I stopped growing early. After what I can only assume was a massive early growth spurt, I capped out at my current 5’3″. The picture above was taken before I entered middle school; using mom as a benchmark, I must … Continue reading

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My first San Francisco visitor

Got my first San Francisco visitor last week when Wanita stopped by before we headed off to Kauai. (OK, technically Jason and Jeff were out here earlier, but Wanita was my first house guest.) We managed to pack a lot … Continue reading

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Au revoir, DC

It’s been a long, fun ride. It’s hard to believe it’s been four years. I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of great people and make some friendships that will last a long time. The last month has been hectic … Continue reading

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‘Tellme about your new gig’

I have accepted a new job doing product marketing at Tellme Networks for their automotive consumer services. If you’re saying “WTF?,” well, let’s just say that it’s an exciting opportunity to invent the future. Tellme is located in Mountain View, … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to one and all and best wishes for a very happy new year. It’s been quite the interesting year at Casa Rocky. I’ve reaffirmed the power of friendship in a sometimes difficult year, spending time with and getting … Continue reading

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Thanks, everyone

Thank you to all my friends for the kind wishes. A special thank you to Jason, Wanita, Tricia and Dave.

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Ah, the feeling of accomplishment

I sent an email at 9:18 this morning to the developer of GPS Twitter suggesting an enhancement. At 10:09, I got an email back thanking me for the suggestion and asking that I give the fix a try. No change … Continue reading

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