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Ethernet everywhere

Yup, that’s an Ethernet jack above the urinal. I saw this at my friend Kieran’s pub, The Local in Minneapolis. No, I didn’t try plugging in. Here’s what the jack is really used for.

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Marketing on social networks

Social networks like MySpace and Facebook are among the leaders in user engagement, with many users returning daily and some visiting many times a day. They’ve almost reached the same level of engagement as email* and have double the engagement … Continue reading

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The power of the social graph

There are many things I hate about Facebook’s Photos application: It doesn’t support high resolution photos. I get a Java cache error every time I try to upload pictures. You can’t search the pictures. It doesn’t use commonly provided EXIF … Continue reading

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Meeting your customers face to face

In the world of blogs, email feedback and focus groups, it’s easy to think you’re getting all the feedback you need to run your business. Very few Web companies bother to meet their customers face-to-face. Two notable exceptions are Yelp … Continue reading

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#1 rule of economics: customers don’t want to feel like chumps

If you’re like me, you’ve read way too much about Apple’s $200 price drop on the iPhone. But there’s one more worth reading. Economist Steven Levitt (author of Freakonmics) asks “Should Apple Burn Its Economics Textbooks?” Apple’s $599 initial price … Continue reading

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