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Link baiters need to read this before they lose their shirts

The Internet gives people the ability to express themselves however they want. But it doesn’t allow them to talk with impunity. If you publish misleading or inaccurate information about someone, they can sue you. Here are the key terms you … Continue reading

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Is quality journalism and analysis doomed?

I wrote six pieces last week, covering a wider range of topics. If I were to rank them based on their potential for impact, it would go like this: How our favorite tech services should help us in emergencies – A look … Continue reading

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Decline in the U.S. newspaper industry in 3 charts

Grim This chart shows U.S. newspaper print revenue in nominal dollars. Grimmer Take the same data and adjust it for inflation. Now we’re nearly at 1950 levels. (2011 dollars) Grimmest Now take the inflation adjusted data and do a per … Continue reading

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NOT first! Where the heck is Rocky’s analysis of Yelp?

I had several people comment to me this week that they would like to see more timely updates in response to breaking news on companies. For example, the Yelp S-1 was released on Thursday and I probably won’t post my … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with journalism today, part 1

One of the great innovators in online journalism, Jim Romenesko, resigned from his position at the Poynter Institute, a journalism think tank of sorts. Among journalists, Romenesko practically invented blogging. Some reporters who claimed to never had read a blog … Continue reading

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iPhone coming to Sprint — or, why the Washington Post needs a technology columnist

The Washington Post’s technology columnist, Rob Pegoraro, announced yesterday that he is leaving his position. The proximate cause is management deciding that the sort of review and analysis of technology that I’ve been doing for most of those 17 years … Continue reading

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Adding Color to breaking news

Today marks the launch of a groundbreaking new app called Color. The app, available for iPhone and Android, has users automatically share pictures with those around them. Take a picture and people in close proximity can see them. No logins, … Continue reading

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