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Mooving beyond the boring business card

After leaving AOL, I decided to get some personal cards printed. Instead of going the conventional route, I went with Moo. It’s a great little company out of the UK that lets you print cards with full-color pictures on the … Continue reading

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35W bridge collapses in Minneapolis

The bridge that carries Interstate 35W over the Mississippi river collapsed tonight during rush hour. The picture at right was taken by a nearby resident who submitted it to CNN. They are reporting 7 4 deaths. Some good Web resources: … Continue reading

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A group for everything

Every once in a while, I get comments on my flickr pictures asking to add one of my pictures to a group, use it with a news story or include it in a travel guide. I’ve contributed pictures to groups … Continue reading

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Flickr vs. The Washington Post

There was a big bike race outside my door yesterday. Thousands of people showed up to watch pro cyclists from around the world in the 100km CSC Invitational. What’s the best source to find out about what happened yesterday? Oddly, … Continue reading

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Playing with my new camera

Two of the biggest problems with digital cameras are shutter lag (the time between when you press the button and the picture is taken) and shutter interval (the time between pictures). My new camera, the Lumix DMC-TZ3 clearly doesn’t suffer … Continue reading

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Snow on the cherry blossoms

We got a rare April snow today, leaving a dusting on the cherry blossoms for the National Cherry Blossom Festival. See all my pictures from around the Tidal Basin. Zoom in three levels for optimal effect. Boo to Canon for … Continue reading

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Map your world with Google Maps

Google today released a feature I’ve been wanting for a long time — the ability to make your own maps. You can add placemarkers and draw lines and shapes on the map. You can also add pictures to a map, … Continue reading

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Watching time go by, flickr style

A terrific presentation from Andrew Tomkins of Yahoo! Research at ICWSM today. He mentioned Yahoo’s Taglines – another way of visualizing flickr data. Flickr photos and the top tags for each day float by. (It gets better if you start … Continue reading

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The world’s atwitter about Twitter

You know you’ve made the big time when the Wall Street Journal writes about you. (Either that, or you’ve jumped the shark.) Twitter got a lot of love this week, both from the Journal and at the SXSW conference. Twitter … Continue reading

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Photos, rooftops and subway stations on Google Maps

I must be on the same wavelength as Google engineers this week. Yesterday, they released a send-to-car feature that I’d blogged about the day before. Today, after finishing my post on predictions for satellite navigation, I opened Google Reader to … Continue reading

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