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My personal environmental footprint

It’s a trend in corporations (at least those outside the extraction industries) to do a self analysis on your environmental effects. I wanted to think deeply about mine. I recently mailed a mercury thermometer to a friend where she has … Continue reading

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Weekly Reader – Dec. 29, 2007 – TV, coffee, patents and Branson

This week’s interesting reads: Futurist: Digital TV’s Mixed Signals (CQ) – Congressional Quarterly takes a look at the impact of government action/inaction on the development and adoption of technology. As we near the Feb. 2009 date when analog broadcasting in … Continue reading

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I love that dirty water

FastCompany has an in-depth look at the economics of the bottled water industry. It looks at the distribution costs and environmental impact of shipping water 2/3s of the way around the world to places where you can just open the … Continue reading

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Smarts coming to the USA

The Smart is coming to the United States. Smart, part of Mercedes, is a tiny car that you’ll often see in Europe. The car holds two people and two bags. I rented two of these in Italy in 2002. When … Continue reading

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Google’s electric car

Fascinating story in The New York Times about Google’s support of electric cars. Google’s philanthropic arm,, will be giving $10 million to support better battery technologies, plug-in hybrids and technologies that allow the cars to sell power back to … Continue reading

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Earth Day and assholes

Some assholes in California are stealing the HOV stickers off hybrid cars, according to the San Jose Mercury News. The stickers allow solo drivers to use the HOV lanes if they’re driving in a clean-fuel vehicle. The California DMV recently … Continue reading

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De-cluttering the planet one bill at a time

I came back from my travels facing a stack of bills in my mailbox. I’ve been paying bills online for years now; with most major billers, this means that there’s no paper flowing back the other way. The major credit … Continue reading

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