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Making better ads

Every week, I get an email from United Airlines telling me about their e-fares for the coming weekend. Almost every week, I ignore this email because the information isn’t relevant to me. This week’s email includes fares from Burbank to … Continue reading

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1309 spam messages in 90 minutes

I got an unpleasant surprise today – an avalanche of spam in 90 minutes. And technically, I was the one sending it. Or at least that’s what the mailservers thought. Our current email system was created in a time when … Continue reading

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Making Gmail even better

I’ve been using Gmail for about two years now. For my needs (read: search and wireless), it’s the best email product out there. Paul K. pointed at Better Gmail, a Firefox extension that makes it even better, solving a few … Continue reading

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Please don’t send to a friend

One of the key ways I get around the spam scourge is to use a separate email address for close friends, family and important business contacts. I don’t use this address for anything else. As a result, the people closest … Continue reading

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Gmail and the geek set

I’ve noticed lately how many of my friends and colleagues have adopted Gmail addresses. Although Gmail is still a very distant 4th place (after Yahoo!, MSN and AOL) when it comes to the broad Internet audience, it seems to have … Continue reading

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Lots of free stuff from AOL

David Pogue in The Times has a great roundup today of many of the new freebies from AOL. He mentions three of my favorites – My eAddress, XM Radio and AOL Search – but not AIM Phoneline. I have to … Continue reading

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Google gets mobile – Gmail goes beyond WAP

Google introduced a new Java-based mobile email application today. It has instantly become my second-favorite mobile application, after Google Maps. I’ve been using Google’s mail on my cell phone with my phone’s Web browser for a while now. It has … Continue reading

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