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Please don’t send to a friend

One of the key ways I get around the spam scourge is to use a separate email address for close friends, family and important business contacts. I don’t use this address for anything else. As a result, the people closest … Continue reading

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Gmail and the geek set

I’ve noticed lately how many of my friends and colleagues have adopted Gmail addresses. Although Gmail is still a very distant 4th place (after Yahoo!, MSN and AOL) when it comes to the broad Internet audience, it seems to have … Continue reading

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Lots of free stuff from AOL

David Pogue in The Times has a great roundup today of many of the new freebies from AOL. He mentions three of my favorites – My eAddress, XM Radio and AOL Search – but not AIM Phoneline. I have to … Continue reading

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Google gets mobile – Gmail goes beyond WAP

Google introduced a new Java-based mobile email application today. It has instantly become my second-favorite mobile application, after Google Maps. I’ve been using Google’s mail on my cell phone with my phone’s Web browser for a while now. It has … Continue reading

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AOL’s domain name giveaway

One of my favorite new products is AOL’s My eAddress. It’s the simplest way I’ve found to get your own domain name tied to an email address. I’ve had my own domain name for years and it’s definitely a process … Continue reading

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Want more ads with your Gmail?

I was in my Gmail account and noticed a new addition to the Sponsored Links that appear along side the email: the option to get more sponsored links. Clicking any of the links under “More about…” gets you a page … Continue reading

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Plaxo’s elegant bounce management

I use Plaxo (not to be confused with Paxil) to manage many of my contacts. It’s an online address book that can automatically sync with many PC-based address books. One of the features is the ability to send your contacts … Continue reading

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Using the Web to tell a better story

Today’s crash of ComAir Flight 5191 reminds me how poor a job online news sites (especially those from the mainstream media) do in using the Web. Instead of the plain graphic on the USA Today article referenced above, how about … Continue reading

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Show me the good stuff

When I check my email, I scan the list of new messages for names of people I know. This is something that machines can do much faster and better. With the volume of spam and bulk mail these days, some … Continue reading

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