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Revolutionizing television

The next two years are going to bring big changes in television. Next month, the FCC is going to begin requiring cable companies to let users buy and connect their own cable boxes (instead of leasing them from the cable … Continue reading

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Building your own roads with TomTom

One of my big frustrations with navigation devices and online mapping services is that it can take months to more than a year for to get new roads added, closed roads deleted and errors corrected. Making changes required getting an … Continue reading

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Apple TV brings your media to life

I bought an Apple TV over the weekend. It’s quite simply the most elegant, well-designed consumer electronics device I’ve used. Apple TV works with iTunes to bring music, video, movies, photos and podcasts to life on your HDTV. (In geek … Continue reading

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Another iPhone ad

Saw this one on The Tonight Show. This ad focuses on the Internet capabilities of iPhone. I’d love to know how the Gray Lady got such prime air time and association with the most hyped device of the year. Would’ve … Continue reading

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Apple begins airing iPhone ads

Apple has begun airing ads for the iPhone, with a June 29 availability date. The three ads are available on Apple’s site. Never Been an iPod – This ad showcases Music, Videos, Photos, Calls. How to – This one focuses … Continue reading

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Pandora radio goes wireless

Pandora’s Internet radio service is now available on Sprint’s wireless network. Pandora allows you to quickly set up personalized radio stations based on artists and songs you like. The service then plays music it thinks you might like. I’ve been … Continue reading

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The perfect camera?

One of the examples I frequently use when talking about search engine results and personalization is the query “digital camera”. There is no “right” answer for this query. The right answer depends as much on the needs of the person … Continue reading

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Playing with my new camera

Two of the biggest problems with digital cameras are shutter lag (the time between when you press the button and the picture is taken) and shutter interval (the time between pictures). My new camera, the Lumix DMC-TZ3 clearly doesn’t suffer … Continue reading

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Stats on the portable navigation market

The Wall Street Journal has some good stats on the portable navigation market. The story also offers a good overview of the features that are available in GPS units. The U.S. market for such gadgets continues to expand: Sales of … Continue reading

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The hassles of clicks to bricks

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a story on the hassles of buying online and picking up in store (subscription required). The story includes experiences where the item isn’t available, orders are canceled and other inconveniences. It fairly accurately reflects my … Continue reading

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