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Lobsterclass – free classes on product management

Lobsterclass is a free video class series on product management. It encompasses things I’ve learned in my team at Amazon, Microsoft, Aol and various startups. It’s a highly compressed version of what I teach my PM teams. It’s suitable for … Continue reading

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Getting down to numbers: quantitative research

Are you building the right product? It’s an important question whether you are a startup or a big company. Good research can help guide you. Doing it incorrectly and you’ll go down the wrong path. There are two basic types … Continue reading

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Pricing the COVID-19 vaccine

It’s 2020’s Holy Grail: the coronavirus vaccine. Large parts of the country and the world are shut down in a deadly pandemic. Scientists around the world are racing for a vaccine to end the suffering and re-start the economy. Let’s … Continue reading

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