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PayPal to try to compete with Groupon, but will it matter?

PayPal is preparing to launch a Groupon competitor in the first ¬†quarter of 2012, according to Bloomberg. The eBay subsidiary hopes to tap into its base of 103 million accountholders. From what I’ve seen so far, this doesn’t seem like … Continue reading

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Scanning bar codes seems to be a popular holiday pastime

IDC’s 2011 shopper survey shows shockingly high usage of smart phone scanning tools to scan bar codes and QR codes. Nearly 1/3 of those surveyed said they had scanned a bar code. A common use of this technology is to … Continue reading

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Coping with a life-changing disease

TL;DR: I expect that I’ll be fine. I debated whether to post this, but decided that there was an off-chance that someone might find this information valuable.¬† I was diagnosed with diabetes in September. For someone who has never been … Continue reading

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LivingSocial testing new subscription service

LivingSocial is testing a new subscription service called LivingSocial Plus. For $20 a month, subscribers will receive $25 in Deal Bucks good on LivingSocial purchases. $5 is good only in that month, the remaining $20 can be carried over for … Continue reading

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