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Funny juxtaposition of Google Offers ad on anti-Groupon story

Original story on Mail Online.

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NOT first! Where the heck is Rocky’s analysis of Yelp?

I had several people comment to me this week that they would like to see more timely updates in response to breaking news on companies. For example, the Yelp S-1 was released on Thursday and I probably won’t post my … Continue reading

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LivingSocial tries yet another model

LivingSocial announced a new product today as part of its Instant service. It will allow users in the DC area to order food online for delivery. A premium offering allows users to order food like they order room service, complete … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with journalism today, part 1

One of the great innovators in online journalism, Jim Romenesko, resigned from his position at the Poynter Institute, a journalism think tank of sorts. Among journalists, Romenesko practically invented blogging. Some reporters who claimed to never had read a blog … Continue reading

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Amazon automatically unsubscribing users from AmazonLocal list

Amazon is automatically unsubscribing some users from its AmazonLocal daily deals mailing list. Deal fatigue, the idea that consumers are tiring of daily deal emails, has been one of the longstanding concerns with the daily deals space. Amazon’s move is … Continue reading

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Investing in Groupon is like investing in a leaky bucket

If you’d told me 5 months ago that I would spend a lot of 2011 studying accounting, talking to businesses and saying bad things about a company that everyone once loved, I never would have believed you. It all started … Continue reading

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