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Bringing email into the 21st century

John McKinley, former AOL CTO and now VC, asks “Who will be the first major (Google/Yahoo/Microsoft/AOL) to break ranks and apply a fundamentally new metaphor to email?” There’s been a proliferation in ways to communicate — IM, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, … Continue reading

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Barack Obama seeks answers on LinkedIn

Barack Obama has joined LinkedIn, asking the LinkedIn community about what the next president can do to help small business. Back in January, Hillary Clinton asked Yahoo! Answers users about ways to improve health care. Obama’s LinkedIn profile outlines his … Continue reading

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#1 rule of economics: customers don’t want to feel like chumps

If you’re like me, you’ve read way too much about Apple’s $200 price drop on the iPhone. But there’s one more worth reading. Economist Steven Levitt (author of Freakonmics) asks “Should Apple Burn Its Economics Textbooks?” Apple’s $599 initial price … Continue reading

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Chili’s directors don’t want their baby back ribs

It’s not unusual for corporate board members to get perks. Board members of Brinker International, which franchises Chili’s, Macaroni Grill, On the Border and Maggiano’s can eat for free at the company’s restaurants using a complimentary dining card. For some, … Continue reading

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I’m a criminal, but you can’t prove I made a profit

Can you be convicted of money laundering if the government can’t prove you made a profit? That’s the question the Supreme Court faces in United States v. Santos (pdf) when it comes into session in October. Efrain Santos was convicted … Continue reading

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Comparing Google News to other news outlets (screencast)

There’s been a lot of discussion about Google’s move to host wire service content on Google News instead of linking off to other Web sites. Much of the discussion has focused on decreased traffic to newspaper Web sites from Google … Continue reading

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CNN launches in HD

CNN is now transmitting an HD feed, making it the first American news network to broadcast in HD. Most people won’t be able to see it just yet because the cable companies aren’t carrying the HD feed. CNN’s shows from … Continue reading

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Google News starts hosting wire service content

In more bad news for the newspaper industry, Google is now starting to host its own versions of content from the Associated Press, Agence France-Press and UK and Canadian wire services. Here’s a screen shot of an AFP story: Yahoo! … Continue reading

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