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Back from vacation

Two of my favorite pictures: See the complete album on flickr, including the Wright Brothers National Memorial and the North American Sandsculpting Championship in Virginia Beach. Of course, there’s a map.

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Facing Facebook spam

One of the things I love about Facebook is that I don’t get any spam through the system. Sure, I get some friend requests from people I don’t really know and periodically get asked if I want to become a … Continue reading

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The GPS crime wave

The AP reports on the rising GPS crime wave. With GPS units falling to a price where many cars have them, it’s led to an easy target for criminals looking to make off with a quick $100-$200. In Maryland‘s Montgomery … Continue reading

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A conversation on digital maps

The Kojo Nnamdi show, a DC public radio call-in program, had a discussion yesterday on digital mapping technology. (RealAudio, Windows Media) Among the topics covered: mapping refugee flows, Google Street View, mashups, user-generated map data and privacy issues around all … Continue reading

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Meeting your customers face to face

In the world of blogs, email feedback and focus groups, it’s easy to think you’re getting all the feedback you need to run your business. Very few Web companies bother to meet their customers face-to-face. Two notable exceptions are Yelp … Continue reading

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The Times unlocks its content

The New York Times announced that they’re killing the subscription requirement to access their columnists effective at midnight tonight. It’s about time. I’ve written before about the absurdity of the Times buying AdWords to promote its content while locking its … Continue reading

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Sprint launches GPS-enabled voice search

Sprint has released an enhanced version of its search that allows users to tap into their phone’s location when doing searches. The search feature is powered by Microsoft’s Live Search. The first time user experience isn’t exactly intuitive. When doing … Continue reading

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iPhone dreaming – iPhone + GPS

The iPhone has quickly become the ultimate communication device for many. With a few tweaks, it could easily become the ultimate navigation device. Creative Commons image by stevegarfield. Imagine: You get into your car and put the iPhone in you … Continue reading

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Editing photos, as easy as pie at Picnik

Picnik is part of a new class of Web-based photo editing tools that’s making sprucing up photos easy and fun. Picnik does a lot of the things that desktop photo editors do, but with a lot less work. The basics … Continue reading

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Fun with photos

I’ve been playing with some Web 2.0 photo tools this week and realizing how simple it is to make fun experiences. Here’s a slideshow I put together with Slide. This took all of three minutes. Select a theme, transition, music, … Continue reading

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