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The iPhone extravaganza

I made my visit to the Temple of Jobs yesterday, reaching the Apple store on Stockton Street about 9:30 p.m. The live van for the local NBC affiliate was parked outside waiting for the 11 p.m. newscast. Inside, the store … Continue reading

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Facebook as the new Web OS

I wrote a couple of pieces last year encouraging social networks to open up their networks and to let partners develop modules and applications around them. Facebook, with the new Facebook platform, is the first company that I’ve seen that … Continue reading

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I (heart) Facebook

I’m hooked on Facebook. In various ways, it replaces Twitter, Digg, Bluedot, plaxo and LinkedIn. And there’s a chance that it will replace my spam-laden email box, at least for messages from people I care about. I’m too invested in … Continue reading

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On vacation

I’m on vacation in Santa Fe until Wednesday. If you have any suggestions for places to eat or visit in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, please leave them in comments.

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Never take the first offer

I needed to cancel one of my credit cards. I rarely use the card and didn’t want to pay the $75 annual fee. I called Citi to cancel. Of course this is never an easy process. They transfered me to … Continue reading

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Facebook platform gets Journal ink

Today’s Journal has a story on the Facebook platform. Facebook now offers more than 800 new services — from photo slideshows to online file storage — up from fewer than 100 a month ago. Meanwhile, those who are creating the … Continue reading

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Revolutionizing television

The next two years are going to bring big changes in television. Next month, the FCC is going to begin requiring cable companies to let users buy and connect their own cable boxes (instead of leasing them from the cable … Continue reading

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